M·M² Memories in Materials | Dongchang Encyclopedia : 01. Black Brick

Matters of Materials in Memories

From the "M² Memories in Materials" art practice collection plan launched at the end of 2017 to the final finalist list, the comprehensive upgrade project of Dongchang Cinema is also underway. The material and non-material materials left by the cinema are the spiritual umbilical cord between us and the past, connecting, transmitting, and transmitting to the new future – making Dongchang Cinema a new generation of cultural memory.

Dongchang Encyclopedia is a series of UNArt's research topics on Dongchang Cinema Materials. Through the review and interview of architecture, video, community and human history, the memories that have dissipated in the fog of time will be re-constructed.

Black Brick——【The old wall tiles of Dongchang cinem】

Chinese name: 青砖  English name: Black Brick
Specification: 240mm*115mm*53mm
Details: patterns and text are engraved on one side of the brick
Uses: house wall, pavement decoration
Features: breathability, good water absorption, humidity, wear resistance, non-corrosive for ten years

Black bricks are fired from clay. Clay is the product of long-term weathering of certain aluminosilicate minerals. It is named after its strong viscosity. The clay is blended with water to form a brick, which is calcined in a brick kiln (900 ° C - 1100 ° C, and lasts 8-15 days) to form a brick. The clay contains iron. When fully oxidized during the firing process, the iron oxide is red, which is the most commonly used red brick. If the water is cooled during the firing process, the iron in the clay is not completely oxidized (Fe3O4). 

The black brick is made of natural clay. The fired product is blue-black and has the characteristics of high density, good frost resistance, no deformation and no discoloration. Black and white gray bricks are naturally anaerobicly fired, home warm in winter and cool in summer, health and environmental protection: black brick contains trace amounts of sulfur to sterilize, balance formaldehyde and other unfavorable chemical gases, maintain indoor air humidity, comprehensive "breathable" Characteristics such as sex, water absorption, anti-oxidation and air purification.

Related works

Name: Light Tile
Introduction: Using special technology, light-transmitting materials are added to ordinary concrete. After power-on, the ordinary concrete blocks are replaced with new ones, which are rich in design.
Principle: It takes about three hours to make a light brick. After the brick is hammered open with a hammer, white silica gel and LED lights and circuits can be embedded inside.
Effect: After power-on, the Led light will light up, the original color is dim, and the monotonous bricks instantly show a dazzling visual effect.

Artist introduction
屏幕快照 2018-06-22 下午12.23.11

Name: Wu Di
Introduction: Maker, architect, designer, art curator and educator. Founder of the creative laboratory NeuniLab.Artist introduction

Project Open Call for Creative Proposals: "M²" 2017.11.12-12.12
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