SHORTLIST ANNOUNCEMENT |Open Call for Creative Proposals: "M² Materials in Memories"


Recently, the Open Call for Creative Proposals: "M² Materials in Memories" which is hosted by Shanghai PudongMedia Group, collaborated with Let's talk academic forum was closed and received a lot of excellent proposals through online platform globally.

The calling was open for global creators and started on November 12, 2017 , and after nearly two months of calling up and reviewing, the committee has received hundreds of proposals with global vision, interdisciplinary innovation research and site-specific features, such as renaissance of traditional crafts, future materials, human-computer interaction, community participation, digital humanities, wearable intelligent equipment, immersion experience, etc. As one of the opening special projects of the UNArt Center, the selected works and projects will be unveiled to the public in the first half of 2018, along with the new cultural landmark Shanghai Dongchang Cinema.

We are pleased to announce following creators will be invited as UNArt Center exhibition participators and UNCommunity leaders in the future:


CAI Yuedong 

Artist, White Hole Studio Founder,White Hole is a new media art collective dedicated to creating and realizing the possibilities of new media art, digital art and human-computer interaction in the era of science and technology. Through various forms including installation, video and interactive program, White Hole explores the boundaries between technology and art, body and machine, virtuality and reality.


CHEN Yanfei 

Designer, Founder & Art Director of「Pusu」


CHENG Dapeng

Architect, artist, and the founder of 
「Do Architecture Art Interior Museum Fun」 (Do).


HAO Jie / HONG Yun

HAO Jie comes from a background in information design and installation. Her work focuses on design for the senses, accessibility and installation spaces. She received her MFA in Royal College of Art, UK.

HONG Yun is a digital media artist whose work explores body extension, space and boundary. She received her MFA in the department of Digital+Media at Rhode Island School of Design, USA.

4 侯正光 李玉玺

HOU Zhengguang / LI Yuxi

HOU Zhengguang, the founder of「MoreLess」 design brand. MA degree of furniture design from New Bucks University in UK . The curator of 「shine shanghai」& 「EAST」 design show.

LI Yuxi, Brand Manager of 「Moreless」.


MO Jiao

Lecturer, Industrial Design Department, Director of Furniture and Material Application Lab, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.Founding Partner and Design Director of「MOS MODE」, Partner of「MOMENT Décor」, Shanghai China

时翀 钟敏

SHI Chong / ZHONG Min

Two contemporary object makers both graduated from the Royal College of Art (RCA) with MA degrees in Jewellery& Metal and Textile. Their works have been rewarded by numbers of international competitions including Goldsmiths' Craftsmanship & Design Awards and Scottish Craft Awards, and selected into many exhibitions including London Design Festival, London Craft Week, and London Jewellery Week.



Associate professor in Tongji University CAUP. Partner and principle architect of GOA architects. Diplom Architect at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


WU Lyla

Founder & CEO of Neuni Lab, is at the same time a maker, an architect, a designer, an art curator and an educator.


XU Shipeng

XU Shipeng, graduated from Tongji University and the University of the Arts Berlin, Germany. Interdisciplinary engineering art explorer, and the founder of IDHI laboratory.

10 杨艺 袁垠 林啸

YANG Yi / YUAN Yin / LIN Xiao

YANG Yi, New Media Artist, Bachelor of Visual Communication, CAFA,Master of New Media Art and Design, ENSCI

YUAN Yin, Interior architect and product designer, graduated from ENSCI and ENSAD.

LIN Xiao, Interior architect and product designer,worked in france as interior designer at Sophie Jacqmin design studio and PatrickJouin Agency. One of the founders of the Y/X Studio based in Paris France. Awarded the “best of year” by the American “Interior Design” award.


Moonstone Studio

Moonstone Studio is made up of Mauro Patrini, LV Huanzhong and Silvio Festera, and will keep on promoting the ancient crafts and techniques.


ZHOU Hongtao

ZHOU Hongtao is a Shanghai Oriental Scholar Honor Professor, a Full Professor and Director of Innovation Field at the College of Design and Innovation of Tongji University in Shanghai. He holds a PhD from Purdue University, a MFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The open call is jointly launched by over 10 leading universities and colleges, museum, academic platform and industry leaders, including SIMA, China Academy of Art; College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University; New Media Art Department, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute; Contemporary Art Department, GAFA; Experimental Art Department, Xi An Academy of Fine Arts; Video Art Department, School of Experimental Art, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts; Today Art Museum; Fablab O; Shanghai Project Banana Co.,Ltd.; MANA; Shanghai Tower; WOWdsgn; ZAOZUO; etc. Thanks for the active support and constant concern from our partners!

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