UNArt Center


Located in the Dongchang Cinema, the first cinema in Pudong, Shanghai, UNArt Center is committed to becoming an integrated international communication platform that interlinks technology, art, and education. Through an innovative perspective of art and an open mindset, the art center integrates and leverages multidisciplinary and collaborative multi-media to offer cutting-edge research results domestically and internationally, to promote science, technology & art education, and to assess feasibility and sustainability of a cross-industry partnership model.

Science and Technology Undertaking: UNProject

UNArt will encourage cross-media production methods through planning exhibitions, and incubation projects that highlight new directions, provide novel answers to new problems, and create interdisciplinary projects involving new perspectives and different scenarios.

  • Art exhibition
  • Interdisciplinary project incubation
  •  Long-term projects that feature information from all across the globe

Interdisciplinary Education: UNLearn

Launch and formulate children's general education, build cross-border communities, and assemble a talent training program featuring elements of culture, science, and technology.

  • Youth education project entailing an interdisciplinary approach
  • Talent training focusing on cultural and technical integration 
  • Crowd” research

Online Journal: UNArt 2020 


Joint Sponsors

Today Art Museum, Tongji University School of Design and Innovation, Let's talk Academic Forum, Experimental Art Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, New Media Art Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Video Arts of Experimental Art College of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, School of Intermedia Arts of China Academy of Art, Xi'an Art College of Experimental Art, Shanghai University of Science and Technology School of Creative and Art, Chinese Artists Association Experimental Art Committee, Fabulb O|China "Number System" Workshop, "Scream Design" Platform, Made as ZAOZUO, Shanghai Banana Project Culture Development Co.Ltd. MANA New Media Art, Shanghai Center, Shanghai Fengyu Building Co.Ltd., China Unicom Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch, etc.