Gao Yi moved to Berlin in 2001, where he obtained the Diplom-Designer/MA from Berlin University of Arts in 2006. From 2009 to 2013 he was Director of the cultural department at the Goethe Institute China. Key aspects of his work included Contemporary Art, Design and Film. In 2013, he was Deputy Director of the Today Art Museum in Beijing. In 2017, he prepared the exhibition “Zoom in Chongqing - Malerei & Video an der Hochschule der Künste Sichuan” in collaboration with Kunsthalle Darmstadt and the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Currently he is the Saxon Federal Cultural Foundation scholarship recipient for 2018 and is training in the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig in Germany for one year. 

Project Electrical Walks Shanghai: Christina Kubisch 2018.11.09-12.09
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