夏慕蓉 samoon

Founder of Mur Mur Lab

Mur Mur Lab was founded by architects Samoon and Lee in 2016, in Shanghai. They establish an elegant and interesting aesthetic paradigm through creativity, regarding architecture as the core of design. Mur Mur Lab see design as the tool for urban renewal and social environment improvement, focusing on the projects of future stores, urban installations and micro architectural spaces renovation. The studio is not confined to the tradition, continuously providing insight beyond expectation and creating surprises for daily life. They are reckoned as Chinese Whispers in Frame.

Activity/Arts/Talk & Panel/Architecture Space between Pages|Books x Building Talk: New reading forms 2018.08.25 Saturday 14:00-15:30 FOR TianWu Space
Project Space between Pages 2018.08.25-09.25 10:00-21:00
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