XIE Tracy

Tracy Portrait-2018 - 副本
now works and lives in Shanghai

Researchers, curators, cultural producers, and designers of innovative organizations

With an interdisciplinary background in art history, cultural management and law, focusing on the integration of art and technology innovation, she has extensive experiences in diverse roles, including learning and development designers for well-known multinational companies, art education and operation manager in the world famous art museums and galleries, producer of culture and creative industries project, publisher and editor-in-chief of journal, director of interdisciplinary art center, etc.

A number of original exhibitions and performances, research and education projects were organized and participated in.

Focus on research and practice areas such as the integration and transformation of art and technology, interdisciplinary innovation mechanisms and research networks, operational excellence in smart spaces, and knowledge sceneization.


Contact: xiewentracy@unart.org.cn

Project UNArt 2020 第六期: 创想学习号 2021.10.01-2022.01.10
Project UNArt 2020 第五期:跨学科特刊 2021.07.02-08.02
Project UNArt 2020 #03: Infrastructural Plays(中) 2020.12.22-2021.01.31
Project (中)UNArt 2020 #02: Science Fiction Opera 2020.10.10-12.31
Project UNArt 2020: 病毒之爱 2020.07.22-10.22
Exhibiton The Kind Stranger 2019.08.24-10.20
Project The RELAY Project 2019.02.28-04.14
Project Electrical Walks Shanghai: Christina Kubisch 2018.11.09-12.09
Project Space between Pages 2018.08.25-09.25 10:00-21:00
Project Open Call for Creative Proposals: "M²" 2017.11.12-12.12
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