E.S.A. Space

After 5 years renovation, the E.S.A. Space (formerly Dongchang Cinema), which is located at No. 150 Nanquan North Road, Pudong New Area, has been upgraded to the first 5G experience space in Shanghai with multifunctions of arts exhibition, education and e-sports competition.

First Floor

Information hub

Total area of 240 square meters

Exhibition hall

Total area of 380 square meters

Education&multimedia hall

Total area of 300 square meters

E-sports Hall & Cinema

Capacity: 300-500 people

Audience seats: 264

Space layer height: 8.5m

Use area: 1300 square meters (one floor 840 square meters, two floors 460 square meters)

Type of activity: e-sports event, fan meeting, brand release, concert, conference forum, etc.

Professional facilities

Light hanging system: It mainly uses LED downlight to make point light source design, which is not glare, and can be adjusted in area illumination. Under the steps and wall lights, the chrome LED strips can be used to outline different effects according to the scene atmosphere. It can be static, dreamy and technology.

Top load-bearing: Single lifting point load capacity 150KG, 35 lifting points can be set.

Cinema-grade sound-absorbing walls: the top of the theater wall is mainly made of cement wood sound-absorbing panels.

Power line: The total power is 500KW, which is suitable for lighting large screen power.

Air conditioning: Industrial-grade air conditioning system with ultra-normal specifications.

Weak current buried: strong and weak electricity does not cross, not parallel, to avoid interference, multi-electric box settings, to eliminate flying lines.

Network: 100 trillion telecommunications, 100 trillion Unicom (can increase bandwidth according to activity demand)

Venue basic conditions: complete venue facilities, complete regional planning, including shops, dressing rooms, player lounges, VIP lounges, comment lounges, staff lounges, etc. The rationality of the regional planning plus the special passenger elevators and freight elevators realizes the route diversion of different personnel to ensure the user experience.

Second Floor
Shanghai Pudong Media Group (PMG)
PMG logo-HD

Established in June 2008, the company was funded by the State-Owned Pudong New Area Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and entrusted to be manage by the New District Propaganda Department (Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration). It is a state-owned cultural enterprise that specialzes in the progression of the cultural industry. To meet its stated objective of constructing “Pudong New Area’s leading state-owned backbone cultural enterprise group”, the corporation has continuously upgraded its professionalism and business acumen in three key aspects: cultural product innovation, cultural asset integration and operation, and cultural industry investment collaboration. The aim is to develop the establishment into a platform for investment in state-owned cultural industries based in Pudong that can serve as a model for the entire city and possibly even the entire country. It provides strong support for the development and prosperity of the cultural endeavors and the entire cultural industry of Pudong.