Registration & Appointment

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Open the UNArt website and click the member button at the top right.

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If you are logging in for the first time, please register your UNArt member account first. If you are already an UNArt member, please click directly to login.

Fill out the above information and click Next.

(*Note that mobile phones are limited to Chinese mobile phone users, non-Chinese mobile phone users can use the mailbox to complete registration)


After the initial registration, the above page will pop up - [Just one more step to finish signup].

Users need to fill in the e-mail, password, name, birthday, gender and other information.


After completing all the above steps, you will be registered successfully. Thank you for being a member of UNArt Center!

Once you have successfully registered, you can log in to your account, view your profile and make an appointment for the events and exhibitions you want to participate in.


Go to the home page and click on the exhibition or event page you want to make an appointment.


After entering the exhibition or event page, click [Book & Program].

Go to the [Book & Program] page to view the available event information. After confirming, click [Book].


Select the desired ticket type on this page and click [Next].

*Note that only one ticket type can be selected at a time


After confirming the session information and selecting the payment method, click [Confirm] and the [Successful Appointment] page will appear.


Click [My bookings] to see the participating events and download tickets.